Pacific Paediatric Association is a membership that is open to people with a current health professional registration with a commitment to child health, and people currently training in any area of child health. All disciplines gain strength by working together to reduce barriers between disciplines and different regions. As a member you have full voting rights and can participate in supporting the overall functions of the organisation at annual general meetings. Other benefits include professional development, national networking, special interest groups, and sharing of common interests.

Paediatricians based in the following Pacific Countries are eligible to apply to become Full or Associate Members:

  • American Samoa 
  • Cook Islands 
  • Fiji 
  • Kiribati 
  • Nauru 
  • Niue 
  • Papua New Guinea

This list is not exclusive- other Pacific Countries can apply to the Executive.

  • Samoa 
  • Solomon Islands 
  • Tokelau 
  • Tonga 
  • Tuvalu 
  • Vanuatu

Full Members:

Registered Medical practitioners practising full or part time in Paediatrics or Child health with a recognised postgraduate paediatric qualification or vocational long term commitment to paediatrics. Full membership shall be open to Paediatricians who reside and practice in Pacific countries. Full members have voting rights, are eligible for election to the Executive and pay fees. Fees $200 every 2 yrs.

Associate members:

Clinicians and others who do not qualify for full membership and have been approved by the executive to become members. Associate members pay fees but have no voting rights and are not eligible for election to the Executive. Fees $100 every 2yrs.

Life Members:

Life Membership shall be for paediatricians who have contributed significantly to the Association and who are approved by the Executive to become life members. Life Members pay no fees but are eligible to vote.

Honorary Members:

Clinicians who do not qualify for ordinary membership but have demonstrated a commitment in work in child health. Honorary members do not vote, do not hold office and do not pay fees.